About the company

Managing Company EROP-ETC was established in 2015 with the aim of the investment projects implementing – the creation of «European transport corridor between East and West», introduction of logistics solutions in the field of information, freight forwarding, warehousing, customs and financial services in the transport and logistics complex of the Industrial Park "Great Stone", the Republic of Belarus, constructed by the company China Merchants Group, China.

Managing Company EROP-ETC introduces new information technologies in the field of global logistics, management of material and financial flows, using the advanced modern infrastructure of the Republic of Belarus. The country is located in the center of Europe and is a kind of crossroads, along which the shortest routes to the North and South, East and West pass.

Participants of the investment project and founders of the Managing Company:

  • EROP GROUP AG was established in 2008. The field of activity is global transport logistics, scientific and industrial cooperation in the field of petrochemical and agro-food trade sector.
  • ETC BASE was established in 1996. Sphere of activity - information technologies, software promotion for servicing of international banks, leading insurance companies, telecommunications companies and mobile operators’ in the Turkish market.

Managing Company EROP-ETC joints producers, suppliers and consumers into the one logistics system. Informational Software for financial process and FIATA (Switzerland) documents’ turnover guarantees the goods’ delivery in international transport system and the full range of logistics services provision for the trading operators.